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Inside The Waggoner Mansion | Waggoner Mansion Decatur Texas #Waggonermansion #Decaturtexas #Elcastille Please Subscribe 상위 114개 답변

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Also known as El Castille.

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I Love Texas – El Castile – the Waggoner Mansion in Decatur

Massive interior doors stand 16 feet tall, 3 have stained glass. The Victorian library displays wrought iron isinglass fixtures from Denver. The house has a …

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Date Published: 5/9/2022

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Waggoner Mansion Decatur Texas #Waggonermansion #Decaturtexas #Elcastille PLEASE SUBSCRIBE
Waggoner Mansion Decatur Texas #Waggonermansion #Decaturtexas #Elcastille PLEASE SUBSCRIBE

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The Waggoner Mansion

The Waggoner Mansion

(The following information was taken from the Texas Historical Commission web site.)

Waggoner Mansion

Historic house in Texas, United States

United States historic place

The Waggoner Mansion (a.k.a. El Castile) is a historic mansion in Decatur, Texas. The sixteen room mansion was built in 1883 by the Waggoner Family. It was purchased in 1942 by Mr. and Mrs. Phil Luker.

Location [ edit ]

The mansion is located at 1003 East Main in Decatur, a town in Wise County, Texas.[2][3] It spans thirteen and a half acres of land.[4]

History [ edit ]

The mansion was built in 1883 for Daniel Waggoner, owner of the Waggoner Ranch.[2][3][5] It was designed in the Victorian architectural style.[2] It comprises sixteen rooms and six bathrooms, with two bedrooms on the ground floor and four bedrooms on the first floor.[2]

The house was inherited by Daniel Waggoner’s son, William Thomas Waggoner.[2] In 1942, it was purchased by Mrs and Mr Phil Luker.[2]

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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The Waggoner Mansion, located at the end of Main Street in the city of Decatur, was built by Dan Waggoner for a growing family. Sometimes called “El Castile”, this is a large home, situated on a hill east of town, sitting on thirteen and one-half acres. The house consists of two stories, sixteen rooms, with a full basement and eight fireplaces. It is constructed of old fossiliferous limestone and decorated with handcrafted wrought iron on the roof and balconies. Half-moon-shaped stained glass add an array of color to the tops of the windows and to the large massive hand-carved entrance door. At the peak of the house, an ornate cupola gives height to the stately home. The inviting first floor entrance hall has a winding stairway sweeping up to the second floor. A hand-carved Texas Star motif decorates the walnut and oak stairway. Massive doors with solid brass hardware, are sixteen feet tall, minifying the tall ceilings. Three of the huge doors enhanced with stained glass project dancing rays of colored light in the interior. Adding an air of elegance to the front parlor is a beautiful ornate chandelier. Wrought iron and handmade isinglass fixtures from Denver compliment the Victorian library, large dining room and two halls. Also on the first floor are five bedrooms, three marble baths, a keeping room, butler’s pantry, and a huge kitchen with a copper sink and accessories. The second floor contains a large game room, three bedrooms and two marble baths. The house is enclosed by a wrought iron fence with an archway bearing the name “El Castile.” The mansion is not open to the public.

The Waggoner Mansion in Decatur, Texas


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The Waggoner Mansion or El Castille as its often called was built and owned by the Waggoner family from 1883 until 1942. The mansion was mostly vacant from 1922 to 1942 when the Luker family purchased the place. The family continues to live/own the place.

The Waggoner Mansion’s Current Condition

The house has kept most of its original craftsmanship and material. Most Victorian homes do not come close to having this much of the original craftsmanship and material left. The Waggoner mansion is classified as“authentic.”

The interior and exterior walls are made of solid porous limestone. The exterior is in great shape, but in need of a lot of preventive maintenance including painting and minor repairs. The grill work around the roof is original, but 1941 the grill work was added around the porches.

Currently, there is a separate addition to the rear of the house. There is a few out buildings on the property that include a wooden smokehouse, storm cellar and a four car garage with stables underneath the garage that was build sometime in the recent future. At the edge of the property one of the original bunkhouses that was used on the Waggoner Ranch still stands!

A Brief History on the Early Waggoner Family

This beautiful example of Victorian craftsmanship was the home the Waggoner family, a very wealthy family in the early days of Texas Ranching. The house was built by Daniel L. Waggoner.

During the mid ninetieth century, Dan Waggoner drove a herd of Longhorns into Wise County which started his successful career as the “Cattle King.” During this period, he built his mansion and it was the headquarters of the Waggoner Ranch by 1900. The Waggoner Ranch crossed seven counties. The ranch had a thirty mile east and west stretch by a twenty-five mile north and west stretch that had over a million acres. The ranch had over 60,000 head of cattle and had three separate rail lines.

Then in 1903, oil was discovered on the ranch and because of this, the Waggoner Refinery was founded in 1911. With the results of a successful cattle ranch and finding the oil made the Waggoner Family one of the richest and most influential families in the Southwest.

After Dan Waggoner passed away in 1904, the house was passed down to his son, William Thomas Waggoner. Then in 1931, W.T. Waggoner had the house restored. After his death in 1934 set vacant until it was sold years later.

The Waggoner Mansion’s Current Condition

The mansion is in ok shape. The yard and buildings are maintained. The house needs some minor repairs and honestly I can’t tell if anyone lives there. But the house is so large it may not be possible to tell that from the street.

I do not have more shots of the house or even know what it looks like inside. When I stopped by, I took pictures from the street as most people do. The property has signs along the property line with no trespassing and isn’t placed in access to take more exterior pictures of the house. At some point, I hope to have the chance to learn more about the property and possibly document the inside.

About the Image

The image was shot by hand with my Sony Nex-3N and a Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8. I then edited the image in Adobe Lightroom. Next, I post processed with Topaz Clarity to add texture, brighten, and bring out the details in the image. Then I removed the dust spots. Finally, I used Topaz DeNoise to remove the noise from the image.

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