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Incheon To Minneapolis Flight | Delta Airlines A350 Economy Msp To Icn 222 개의 베스트 답변

당신은 주제를 찾고 있습니까 “incheon to minneapolis flight – Delta Airlines A350 Economy MSP to ICN“? 다음 카테고리의 웹사이트 에서 귀하의 모든 질문에 답변해 드립니다: 바로 아래에서 답을 찾을 수 있습니다. 작성자 Always Chasing Planes 이(가) 작성한 기사에는 조회수 4,837회 및 좋아요 79개 개의 좋아요가 있습니다.

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Aircraft experience in Delta Airlines Airbus A350.
Music: Royalty Free / Great Days by Joakim Karun

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Incheon to Minneapolis – 5 travel options by train, plane, bus

Delta, American Airlines and 2 other airlines operates flights hourly from Incheon to Minneapolis. Other travel options are bus.

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주제와 관련된 더 많은 사진을 참조하십시오 Delta Airlines A350 Economy MSP to ICN. 댓글에서 더 많은 관련 이미지를 보거나 필요한 경우 더 많은 관련 기사를 볼 수 있습니다.

Delta Airlines A350 Economy MSP to ICN
Delta Airlines A350 Economy MSP to ICN

주제에 대한 기사 평가 incheon to minneapolis flight

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Cheap Flights from Incheon to Minneapolis from $506

“Cheapflights ..I will book my ticket from you again.. I am so delighted.”

Pros: “Cheapflights ..I will book my ticket from you again.. I am so delighted.”

Pros: “Cheapflights ..I will book my ticket from you again.. I am so delighted.” Cons: “None”

Pros: “Yes” Cons: “Nothing.”

Pros: “The seat was great.” Cons: “Overall, it was a great experience. Boarding is very fast compared to US airlines.”

Pros: “Crews are friendly” Cons: “Need more food”

Pros: “Seating was fine” Cons: “If flight cost less lol”

Pros: “Excellent crew!” Cons: “It could have been quieter.”

Pros: “Excellent crew!”

Pros: “boarding was super easy. the airline crew members are very polite and accommodating to any request or concern you might have.” Cons: “Less delays”

Pros: “Comfortable seat & nice crew.” Cons: “Seat booking was not available when I booked on line. Ad some difficulty getting a seat next to my wife.”

Pros: “Thoughtfulness, professionalism, patience and a lot of love put into the service.”

Pros: “Check in is a breeze, the staff even helped me to load my luggages to the counter. Boarding is prompt and orderly. The food is excellent , love the kabosu, there is snack available at the back in case you are still hungry. Entertainment is good choices, headphone is nice.” Cons: “None so far, been travelling with ANA 8-10 times a year for more than 5 years”

Cons: “All was 100%! Thanks!”

Pros: “Food and services”

Pros: “Zero” Cons: “Asked specifically at the ticketing counter not to be seated in a non-emergency row. Were seated in an emergency row. For a 12 hour flight with seats that don’t recline and nothing the on-board staff could do about the ticket counter’s negligence and bad faith other than apologize. Seated upright for an overnight flight (for the second time on the same trip) for 12 hours. Not a pleasant experience. Had a feeling ANA would be bush league. This trip confirmed those suspicions. It wasn’t the crew’s fault (though they, unfortunately bore the brunt of my displeasure) so much as the counter’s fault, but airlines charging what they are shouldn’t be putting passengers or crew in this position. The ticket counter folks literally mislead us. They specifically told us that these were not emergency row seats and that we would have reclining seats and seatback displays in front of us like everyone else. The entire reason I asked is because we got stuck in the last row on the way in with seats that don’t recline, which blows for a 12 hour red-eye flight. Instead we got seats that did not recline and a fold out screen that came from the right-hand arm rest. Not the end of the world if one had no choice, but certainly not what I paid for and certainly not what the ticketing counter people stated we were getting (under specific inquiry about the very point). The ticketing counter in particular seems to be skeevy, at best. To the detriment of their own crew, who is left apologizing for things they can do nothing about. As stated, this is a bush league international carrier. Avoid unless you love sleepless nights crossing the international dateline…”

Pros: “- Friendly staff. – Excellent service and boarding easiness. – Kayak’s excellent price.” Cons: “- Entertainment had limited movies. – Food could have more selection for business class. – Loung in Japan is not the greatest and overcrowded. – Boarding from Japan to KUL was very poor specially in packing people like sardine in the shuttle.”

Pros: “Service Politness of staff” Cons: “Boarding at the gate Shuttle from gate to plane was too crowded Ascending to aircraft was almost a stampede”

Pros: “Food and services were great” Cons: “Not a large selection to view on the TV”

Pros: “Comfortable seat space and food is great”

Pros: “Packed in like sardines with no ability to recline for a red eye flight of 10h was excruciating. Food was not good on this flight though the kids meal was a nice touch.” Cons: “Seats, food”

Pros: “Everything” Cons: “Everything the whole team was great.”

Pros: “Meals were decent. Staff friendly. Had no problems and was able to sleep a bit.” Cons: “The economy seats on my plane were strange, they didn’t really recline but rather the bottom part of the seat moves forward to make your body less vertical.”

Cons: “Everything”

Pros: “The crew is attentive and kind, the promptness is the airline, they aren’t afraid to serve you top notch food and dessert” Cons: “The only thing that soured my trip was on the way back, it was a passenger who was just way overboard disgusting. First of all he takes off his shoes and then his socks and crosses his legs so his barefoot is right next to my tray table. Then he proceeds to unbutton his pants and unbuckle his belt. Reaches down into his nethers and takes a good whiff of his hand. This passenger continually kept encroaching into my seat, either sitting on a portion of my leg or putting his shoulder over my shoulder, even at one point used me as lean on. It was a 9 hour flight of misery… I was definitely uncomfortable for majority of that flight due to the passenger in 40A on flight NH176”

Pros: “Great” Cons: “N/a”

Pros: “Not crowded”

Pros: “Big TV screen. Food.”

Pros: “Staff are super kind.” Cons: “—”

Cons: “The VOML food”

Pros: “Services and respectful”

Pros: “Pleasant stewardesses” Cons: “Expensive lunches, no entertainment unless you pay”

Cons: “Connecting flight from Narita to Washington. Please consider giving enough time for passenger to check in. Security line is so long and very slow.”

Pros: “Movies” Cons: “Food needs improvement”

Pros: “Crew are nice, helpful and polite” Cons: “Airport problems turned it into a very long flight. We circled around Narita for hours”

Pros: “Very convenient and generally positive experience on this flight. Modern aircraft as well.” Cons: “Small seats, what do you expect from economy.”

Pros: “Incredible service”

Pros: “The crew were friendly and attentive. The plane was clean and comfortable. Great movie choices.” Cons: “The long security lines in Tokyo for transfer.”

Pros: “Flight attendants walk up and down the aisles paying attention to everyone’s possible needs. They’re looking to be helpful.” Cons: “Nothing really.”

Pros: “The food were good and just enough for the inflight need” Cons: “The time to get to the next flight is so tight! I wish there’s a 30 minutes more so I don’t have to rush and be the last one to get in the plane.”

Pros: “Love the staff, helpful and polite!”

Pros: “From communication on flight details to boarding to in-flight comfort, ANA rocked. The staff was so kind, seeing that we had what we needed. I didn’t feel like a liability at all, and I think their approach to the work ensured a great flight experience for everyone.”

Pros: “Excellent plane, accessories. Friendly staff as you expect from ANA. Very comfortable trip.”

Pros: “Seat” Cons: “Food was a bit salty. Bread was so cold.”

Pros: “Good staff, good service, good entertainment” Cons: “Although my partner and I bought our tickets together and booked them almost 9 months in advance, we were not seated together, which made the flight more difficult and uncomfortable.”

Pros: “Ana is the best” Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “The food was excellent and the flight attendants were courteous and thoughtful.” Cons: “I slept through a meal.”

Cons: “kayak should let you know when buying the ticket that the first portion of the flight codeshare with united express doesn’t cover a second bag I called ANA they said i could bring two so I did but I was charged 100 dollars for it even though it was an international flight with ANA also united express shattered the outside of one of my checked bags so I paid 100 dollars to get a 50 dollar suitcase BROKEN UNITED won’t respond to my inquiries. I am very disappointed.”

Pros: “My Marine son and I traveled ANA from Okinawa to Hiroshima. We had to be bussed out to our plane but it was so worth it because we were on a Star Wars plane.” Cons: “My son and I had made separate reservations and they lost his. however he was able to get on the flight and they sat us together.”

Pros: “Flight attendants were very nice on this modern 787. It was a pleasant easy flight.”

Pros: “Early arrival. Crew very good.” Cons: “Lack of seating choice. Standby tickets issued at Dulles 15 hrs ahead of flight. Tight transfer time.”

Cons: “We were delayed, but I can’t say it was the airline’s fault.”

It was a terrible experience for a family of 4 with a teenage to be assigned 4 seats at different rows far away from each other even after I checked that the 4 seats are next to each other on the day before the flight date. The 1st connecting flight has 4 seats connecting to each other on the same raw as confirmed on the day before flight, but the 9 hour main flight’s seats were changed from what was confirmed from a day before the flight date. A confirmed seats assignment meant nothing to Lufthansa and it’s partner airline AIR DOLOMITI S P A.

The flight never happened and the Kayak customer support was useless in helping me for rebooking. I will never buy another air ticket with Kayak and I want the full refund of the trip. Andrea Mantovani

It was cancelled!


completely packed old plane, very uncomfortable. this flight is always packed, time to use some better planes or add more flights

Pros: “Seat back tv’s” Cons: “Flight was delayed over 3 hours, food was mediocre at best”

Cons: “Passenger in next seat was so big that his fst hung over the armrest and he took up 3 to 4 inches of my space. Lufthansa should not let passengers this big fly in economy class. I appreciate my space in economy will be limited but I should be able to use all of my allotted space.”

Cons: “Missed connection flight in Chicago due to a technical delay in Munich, the tank vehicle had a defect and the ground power in Chicago went out. It is now the 4 th time that we got stranded in Chicago. So Condor, Lufthansa and Chicago are getting on our shitlist……”

Cons: “Water only and.. I had to asked for it. No snacks or other drinks in my eighteenth hour of flying back from Poland :((”

Pros: “Loved the food, the comfort of the seat/plane and entertainment. Timing of meal service was perfect and overall seemed far less rushed and chaotic compared to emirates business class.” Cons: “Some staff were a bit hit and miss. Mostly nice but some were not. I was clearly having trouble getting my seat converted to its bed and 3 flight attendants walked passed me and didn’t help even though they noticed I was. A portion of leather covering under the tv where I feet went was hanging off when I boarded and but on with masking tape. Took the elegance away. It’s funny they use the old fit our A380 but such a long flight.”

Pros: “Flight was on time and flight crew was very good.” Cons: “The food was not very good. Leaving Germany, I expected better tasting food. Our food leaving the USA and going to Germany tasted much better.”

Pros: “Entertainment system was superior and flight crew very nice. Plenty of drinks and food available.” Cons: “Seats and food are typical for airline economy class”

Pros: “The lunch served on the Munich to O’Hare segment was well above average for plane food. Like how the seat reclined. Inside temp was good.” Cons: “What’s to like about today’s airport experience, irregardless of the airline?”

Cons: “See first comment.”

Pros: “great service and entertainment throughout the flight. great airport and lots of amenities to enjoy while on our layover.” Cons: “boarding economy all at once created two long lines and some confusion”

Pros: “The crew helped my mom very much with her ansiery and were with her at all times.” Cons: “I bought the flight for my mom and she is handicap, the flight got delayed and they wanted to leave her in Frankfurt for 2 days because there was no more flights to the States, in the end they found a flight to Washington DC, she was coming to Miami. She is an old woman who gets lost and I had to order assistance for her, in Washington DC they opened her bags after that they lost the bags, she had medication on them and it was a nightmare to get them back. Im really upset and I don’t think That I’m going to book with this aero line again.”

Cons: “I hated that the plane did not wait for me as I have been on plenty of airlines that have waited 5-10 mins to allow for these sort of things to be rectified. thankfully, Lufthansa and United booked me on a plane that left 5 hours later. they even bought me a 10 euro lunch. :), a pass to the , Luftanhsa lounge would have also been a good showing. I asked about this , but was gently denied. the help desk was gracious, which I appreciated. I had an entire row to myself on the United flight to DC, which softened the blow as well but the flight to Munich from IAD was great (2-28-18)”

Pros: “Friendliness of the crew, they not only served us well, they were having fun doing it. Job well done. Thank you all.” Cons: “Nothing really, everything was great.”

Pros: “No thing at all” Cons: “1- the aircraft from cairo to munich was so small that they didn’t allow the carry on baggage and I had to put it with the check in baggage. 2- the special meal ( muslim meal ) that I ordered was a veggie meal !!!!! With no meat or chicken at all , apparently they don’t know what the meaning of a muslim meal is ! It means to have halal meat , we are not vegetarians ! 3- my baggage didn’t arrive to the airport and I filed a report and was told that I will have them tomorrow and now after four days the baggage didn’t arrive yet and I was told that one of them is missing !!!!!!! I can’t hate them enough.”

Cons: “Two flights delayed then no bags when we got to Chicago- disappointing and annoying. Great to arrive with no coats in winter!”

Pros: “Crew helped us with connections” Cons: “Choice of seat came with a cost. Very uncomfortable seating. Not enough room.”

Cons: “The delay of the flight without thinking of how to take care of the passengers or even appease them after almost 4hours delay”

Cons: “Check in very confusing, switched gates on me but I didn’t get the text until later, after take off. No announcement over the PA system in the airport. If my son, who was picking me up, hadn’t been tracking my flight, I would have missed it.”

Pros: “They did get us other flights home and got us a hotel to stay in. There were meal vouchers but it was so late by the time we were rebooked we could not eat dinner and our flights left too early to be able to use them, but it was a nice effort on their part.” Cons: “They cancelled the flight due to mechanical issues which was understandable. The problem was the chaos at Frankfurt airport because the instructions given to us to get to the Lufthansa service desk were totally inadequate. At least we didn’t have to sleep at the airport like some passengers did.”

Cons: “Flight was late leaving Munich and it caused me to miss my connection. And just my luck my rebooking was 2.5 hours delayed.”

Pros: “same as above” Cons: “same as above”

Pros: “Good aircraft good reception everything good tks”

Pros: “During this flight, the attendants were suprisingly kind.” Cons: “Entertainment was just too poor(movie selection was just counted numbers.) the seat comfort was one of the ugliest, I think. even though they prepared many of premium seats, still once you compare with other airlines, it is far below than the average I think.”

Pros: “Attendants were impressive. kind and so willing to serve.” Cons: “Entertainment was horrible. Those movies were not the best selection but the poorest selection as the cheapest probably.”

Pros: “Every thing was great except the seats were small” Cons: “The seats are small”

Pros: “Perfect!”

Pros: “Nothing.” Cons: “The flight was delayed, they said due to weather, but would not let me off the plane to make other arrangements. Terrible customer service by partner airline, United. The airline did NOTHING to help me out.”

Pros: “Very nice staff, lovely meal with wine and beer included. Overall experience very nice!” Cons: “We were late about 30 minutes at boarding. Late to connecting flight but didn’t miss it!”

Pros: “Good gate agent, legroom was actually okay.” Cons: “Missing assigned flight (see previous flight comments), lack of crew service”

Pros: “My highlight for the travel was the AMAZING flight attendant named JENS. He is a bright soul. Positive, sharp, witty, and humorous. Just what I needed on a 8 hour flight over the Atlantic.”

Pros: “Food was better than American or Delta.” Cons: “Had a screaming baby during the whole flight. Not Lufthansa’s fault though.”

Pros: “Food wine and professional courteous staff. So much nicer than American airlines”

Pros: “Perfect flight…”

Cons: “If Canada wants to charge an ETA fee, then this should come up when booking the tickets. Finding out at the airport then being subjected to a mandatory payment process on my smartphone with zero help from Air Canada is just classless. And the crew almost appear delighted communicating the fact that failure to do this means I will not get on the plane. Like expensive plane tickets are bought on charity. I even tried to cancel the ticket and your agents, Calvin and a lady who did not have a badge gave me a card with a 1800 no. that was never answered.”

Pros: “Everything was pretty good. Except for the seats.” Cons: “On the long haul flight the seats started to hurt after a few hours. The seats on the short haul flight felt more comfortable.”

Pros: “flight on time The crew as friendly and professional” Cons: “I was not able to pick my seat in advance. The entertainment was geared to children or older movies. Food mediocre We were told about our flight change but not about what we needed to change until we tried to check in on our last day of our trip wasting time on our last day flight ful and packed in to small seats”

Pros: “This was my first international flight, and also first on Lufthansa, and I was thoroughly impressed. We traveled with another couple who’ve flown internationally multiple times, but this was their first Lufthansa flight as well, and they said it’s the best they’d had. The crew were all excellent, friendly, and accommodating. There was plenty of entertainment options, refreshments, and snacks. The food was very good-much better than I’d expected. I appreciated that there were pillows, blankets, and headphones readily available as well. I’ll try to fly Lufthansa every chance I get when flying internationally.”

Pros: “After 4 hours of sitting on Tarmac and in lounge, they finally told us that the flight was cancelled. Better safe than sorry. Hotel, dinner….” Cons: “7 hours of uncertainty. Having to re check in at midnight after the airport ordeal. Mixed messages about check in, baggage location, 400 people all showing up at once this morning to check in, having not been able to print boarding passes.”

Cons: “Despite calling 2 weeks ahead of the flight, I did not have a vegetarian meal for this flight or the leg from SFO to Frankfurt. The other flights had the correct meal selection. The plane did not have private screens, only access to personal devices, but it was difficult to keep my device charged to watch a full movie. With an 11 hour flight, that was definitely disappointing.”

Pros: “Price” Cons: “Few choice of movies”

Pros: “The agent at the counter was very very helpful and accommodated us to an earlier flight. That saved us lot of time.”

Pros: “The food, the crew and the entertainment were top-notch, best flight I’ve been on. Economy was more comfortable than other flights 🙂 will always try to fly with Lufthansa in the future!” Cons: “Boarding was very chaotic”

Cons: “At too high”

Pros: “Nothing” Cons: “Flight was canceled, no information given, no compensation offered. Next day took the same flight. Bad food, uncomfortable seats, and this was in business class. All around Lufthansa is like a US airline. No thanks.”

Pros: “Crew was excellent, seats comfortable enough, tons of in-flight entertainment” Cons: “Flight was overbooked and we nearly didn’t get seats – I know this happens but it’s especially aggravating and stressful for big international flights, and not worth putting your customers through the worry, IMO. We shouldn’t need to worry about whether or not well get on the flight (and I’m sure some folks didn’t…) when we paid so much for the tickets.”

Cons: “Great flight”

Cons: “We were packed in during coronavirus. I am never flying American again. Profits over health”

Pros: “The beverage selection was good and entertainment was good – no delays and early arrivals – boarding was easy and well managed” Cons: “Aisle seat Middle Row D, Economy class, very little leg room- 175cm/5’9” – not enough knee space to stretch out without burying your knees into the seat in front- dinner meal was good – snack was subpar – no replacements for snack if you didn’t like your 1st choice – didn’t have that problem but a woman 1 aisle up was rudely addressed by the flight attendant for asking if she could discard her sandwich in exchange for Ramen- the same attendant even loudly told another attendant not to girl this poor lady some noodles – they cost $1 at the store – don’t know why she was holding out and making a scene over Ramen”

Cons: “This is the second American Airlines flight we have had in less than two months where there was an issue with the plane and multiple delays lasting hours. I understand delays happen, but we’ve had two late evening flights turn into red-eyes while traveling with one of our children. Will not be flying American Airlines again.”

Cons: “App continued to crash. Couldnt watch movies.”

Cons: “Baggage claim was terribly slow and we were director the wrong carousel.”

Pros: “All was good” Cons: “Nothing to complain about.”

Cons: “I will never, ever book with Kayak again”

Pros: “Busy but kind stewardesses” Cons: “Please offer another snack option besides carboard flavored pretzels.”

Pros: “The crew was excellent. Grabbed me a blanket. Did not mind the small plane.” Cons: “Bumpy ride.”

Cons: “As usual the small plane and bare bones flight service makes for a horrible flight 3 hours late 4th flight on American that has had insane schedule problems”

Pros: “Nothing” Cons: “Condescending staff, lackadaisical crew, pitiful excuses of why we were delayed.”


Pros: “Boarded on time. Concierge met me at baggage check to direct me to the queue I needed. (Two days ago, no concierge, and I spent 15 min in the wrong line to check a special-handling bag.)” Cons: “25 min to get from late push-back to throttle-up. Late arrival at destination.”

Pros: “not much, on time, but that is a low standard of something to like” Cons: “Crew attitude,”

Pros: “short flight, crew was nice” Cons: “left 40 min late due to a communication error deciding what crew would work the plane. didn’t find out why the flight was delayed until airborne.”

Cons: “Air conditioning seemed to be inoperative. I asked the flight attendant and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. When it’s a 12+ hour flight that’s a problem”

Pros: “Very comfortable, affordable, nice staff! On time. Will fly AA again.”

Pros: “Smooth Travel! AA is great” Cons: “N/A”

Pros: “Felt very quick, I supposed after a 15+ hour flight from Sydney.” Cons: “As always tight seats.”

Cons: “The trip is still ongoing 6 hours after it was to have been over and we still have a couple more hours to go. I understand that things happen, but most of the problems today seem to have been preventable. First, our plane in Lihue was delayed for over 3 hours because they could not get a working fuel truck to fill the plane. Three hours? This caused us to miss our connection in LA, although just barely. We had to wait onboard so that we could use the same gate that our outgoing plane was departing from. If we had just been sent to a different gate we. Oils have made our original flight. So, they put us on a flight to Chicago because there were no more flights to Minneapolis. Then, once in Chicago the incoming plane was delayed and we sat on the tarmac for 40 minutes before deplaning. Then after an hour delay we were told the crew was on the ground and we were boarded. Sat in the plane for another hour, then we’re told we were still waiting for crew members that were delayed so we deplaned again. Another 90 minutes past and we got back on the plane and sat for another 45 minutes. We are finally pulling away from the gate. Hallelujah!”

Pros: “The touch down at MSP. Was sitting over the wing and barely felt it.” Cons: “Was told carry on needed to be checked because there wasn’t any more overhead room for my 9X14X16. So then I had to dig through it at the gate to remove lithium batteries and it took an additional 20+ minutes at MSP to get to baggage claim/wait/claim bag. There was plenty of room in overhead storage for my bag.”

Pros: “Nothing. Still waiting on New Years to see if AA get us back to MSP”

Cons: “NA”

Pros: “Perfect quiet comfy flight”

Cons: “New cheap fare is honestly offensive trash.”

Pros: “Crew was friendly and provided good service.” Cons: “Seats are very small. Boarding process could be improved. Seems some people board out of sequence and it screws up the process of stowing luggage and getting to your assigned seat. These same people bring in large over sized bags that will not fit in the above compartment or underneath the seat. Charging these individuals for these violations would deter them from engaging in this behavior. You might also want to add to your instructions how to disembark the plane, some individuals think their schedule is more important and rush up the isle in front of others who are trying to get their carry on luggage from the overhead compartment. Losers!!”

Cons: “I find this fairly serious! All people were boarded on the plane In a timely manor. We were then informed that one flight attendant had not made to the flight and we were to wait until the flight attendant arrived. We waited over 20 minutes for the employee to arrive to work rather late. This put out over 200 people for one irresponsible employee. In my business that employee would of been fired unless there was a very serious reason. So a full plane of passengers were inconvienced as well as many people that were helping the passengers what maybe 300 + for one employee! Doesn’t make sense!”

Pros: “I found this flight to be very efficient and the crew very professional and friendly. After a previous 15 hour flight I was very tired and this flight was a welcome ending to my journey.”

Cons: “it was an hour late”

Cons: “No priority boarding for people with babies and toddlers”

Pros: “The crew was awesome. We were early arriving. More leg room this flight and I loved the in-flight entertainment games. Also charged area was good for phones. Didn’t like having to pay for Wi-Fi onboard.” Cons: “The crew was awesome. We were early arriving. More leg room this flight and I loved the in-flight entertainment games. Also charged area was good for phones. Didn’t like having to pay for Wi-Fi onboard.”

Cons: “The handle for the window shade was torn off”

Pros: “My flight experience with Etihad Airway was fantastic. I will recommend anyone to flight with Etihad. Thank you for your great service Etihad crews. I will flight with you again soon.”

Pros: “Again the wheel chair attendant was helpful, patient and considering we were not feeling well, assisted us at customs. We are seasoned travelers and this is not usually how our travels usually go. We appreciated the wheelchair services, the flight attendants.”

Pros: “The in-flight snack and the flight attendants on the flight were great.” Cons: “I tried to standby for an earlier flight on a first class ticket but I was told that’s almost impossible as people waiting for upgrades have priority over me, so they may be able to get me a seat but in Economy. So, AA has no problem having a First Class ticketed passenger traveling in Economy and ticketed Economy passengers flying in First Class. Well, I do have a problem with that and didn’t stand for it.”

Pros: “entertainment system on domestic flight is swesome” Cons: “boarding took long time”

Cons: “Female attendant on 11/22 mpls>Dallas-Fort was very rude.”

Cons: “3 hour delay – no compensation.”

Cons: “After having my flight delayed 4 hours causing me to miss my connection, I was placed stand by on a different flight through another city so I could try and make it home on time. I was the first person in line for stand by, but the flight was full so I knew it was a long shot. Waiting at the gate, I was excited because one person didn’t show and they were giving him a two minute wait time before I could board. During this wait time a woman passenger came over and said she had just been given a ticket change at the gate counter. The agent at the gate was furious because the flight was sold out and said the woman should not have received a ticket, but should have been placed on stand by. She went over and scolded the other agent for this mistake. Okay, so she should’ve been placed on STAND BY behind me in line. After the unprofessional arguing between the two agents, they both admitted it was a mistake and she should be second in line for stand by, BUT they did not honor this and placed her on the plane bumping me. Needless to say, I missed my connecting flight because of this and extremely inconvenienced my family and in addition had to pay an extra 75 dollars out of my pocket to keep my dogs at their kennel an extra night because I arrived home 5 hours after expected. I understand that flights end up getting delayed and the agents are doing the best they can to accommodate travelers, but admitting a mistake and not fixing it to make it right is unacceptable. I notified American Airlines of my situation and only received a form letter with enough miles to get me 1/8 of a flight. I don’t even care about the miles because I don’t plan to ever fly with them again, I want the money for the dog kennel I had to pay extra. I was visiting my husband who serves in the US Army causing separation from our family for long periods of time and this extra headache and expense due to the mistake of American Airlines was disheartening.”

Cons: “Being late, i already have long wait at the airport”

Pros: “Love the new entertainment on your own phone” Cons: “Boarding took forever due to people’s luggage in the overhead.”

Pros: “Uneventful, except for a malfunctioning getaway in MSP which caused a very brief delay.”

Pros: “Hospitality, service, flight, and crew!” Cons: “Pretzels”

Cons: “Requested for wheelchair assistance but none provided?!!”

Pros: “Did not travel from Phillies to Minneapolis. Due to change in program.”

Pros: “The boarding process was simple. We left on time and arrived early.” Cons: “The flight was absolutely freezing and the air was incredibly dry.”

Cons: “Two hour delay due to mechanical issue was a showstopper.”

Cons: “My flight was canceled.”

Pros: “This one at least flew off the runway soon after closing its doora”

Pros: “Aircraft and cabin crew were superb.” Cons: “None”

Pros: “Kind, friendly staff, boarded on time” Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “I liked the selection of movies and food.” Cons: “Attendance were not as nice as the other Asian airlines. Tooth brush and toothpaste might be better addition. The bathroom was short.”

Pros: “The staff was positive, the plane had a movie to watch (although quite a dated system), but there was only drinks given so not much to write home about there.”

Pros: “The staff was kind and courteous. Food was ok and they gave us snacks” Cons: “The seats on the air rouge plane’s were tiny. I’m 5’2 and I was ok because my seat-mate was also small, but if you’re tall or wide, these flights will be uncomfortable. Note: this was an international flight(8hrs). Small seats and no in-flight movie. There was a flight delay due to weather (40 mins) on the way home. I get it. On the way to our destination there was a 4 hour delay due to a problem at the airport. Though frustrating, probably not air canada’s Fault.”

Pros: “This was my first time flying Air Canada. Our flight was delayed by 4 hours because they had to deice the plane. Yes it was frustrating but I would much rather have a flight of upset passengers then risking our lives. The captains and the crew went out of their way to make sure that we were the most comfortable. They gave us food and drinks as we waited and were extremely patient. Upon arrival many passengers had missed their connecting flights, including myself. They put us on the next flight out and gave all passengers a hotel and meals for the night. I would definitely recommend Air Canada. The plane itself is also pretty spacious so don’t be afraid to fly economy.” Cons: “Nothing really. They were great. I mean, definitely wished my flight wasn’t delayed. Although It wasn’t their fault that they needed to deice the plane, that’s something that should’ve been accounted for way before our flight was supposed to take off.”

Pros: “entertainments – many choices” Cons: “few cabin attandants were not easily likabke…”

Pros: “Business class seat” Cons: “Mpvie choices are terrible. They don’t know what “new releases” mean.”

Cons: “4 hours delay to YYZ from MSP, 2 hours delayed to MSP from YYZ.”

Cons: “Delay luggage for 6days and luggage claim takes long time.”

Pros: “Excellent attention over the telephone for re-royting. Thanks to Kayaks timely notification I was able to rearrange my return.”

Pros: “crew was great, good service” Cons: “no vegetarian dinner option plastic cup cracked striaght up the side during normal use and spilled red wine on my pants – this happened to other passengers as well”

Cons: “Flight attendants were unfriendly.”

Pros: “nothing” Cons: “weather grounded non stop flight… required my finding a hotel for overnight… loss of MSP hotel, and two days rental car, too… costly and not reimbursable because “act of nature”… earliest way to MSP they said was via Nashville w/long layover… then connecting to Delta upon arrival in MSP, checked bag didn’t arrive… it was filled w/medical equipment and AC couldn’t tell us where it was… Delta bent over backwards to assist… AC was non-commital and not helpful at all… waited for incoming flights at the airport MSP for 8 hours… no bag… finally, Delta gave us vouchers for dinner and put us in a hotel… when it as really Air Canada’s fault… etc, etc…”

Pros: “Great service! Drinks, water, snacks and attendants came by so often. They were all attentive and had great communixation!”

Pros: “I liked that the crew was awesome. Super nice and helpful!” Cons: “The tray from my seat was still wet and the seat was to uncomfortable. Needed to use travel pillow to sit on”

Pros: “Food was terrible”

Pros: “Affordable fares” Cons: “They ran out of the food, and many people were left with no choice for dinner. Food was just okay. Crews weren’t very helpful when boarding. It was hard to find a spot for my carry on luggage. I waited for someone to come over and help me find the spot, but no luck.”

Pros: “The most important thing of course is that we arrived safely of course. The plane was clean, the staff members were polite.” Cons: “The seats were so small and terribly uncomfortable. I looked it up and it seems they are some of the smallest seats in the industry. They packed the dreamliner with more seats than it was meant for, making it really cramped for an international flight. Most people had to sit with their feet in their chair because it was so uncomfortable, and my knees were jammed up into the back of the seat in front if I put them down. And I’m only 5’7″ so I can’t imagine what it would be like for people 6′ and above. The seats are hard, narrow and sloped at an odd angle. The bathroom design is poor – the lids of the toilets will NOT stay up and come crashing down on your back when you sit down (disgusting!!). I tried 4 toilets before I could find one that worked without the loose lid. Also the food was really inferior. It is the worst food I have had on an international flight, and I have flown many trips including Delta, Emirates, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, etc. There was also a much smaller movie selection than I am used to. Overall it seemed like a budget airline and was one of my least comfortable trips.”

Pros: “Staff was really friendly, the flight attendant was even wearing a little witch hat for Halloween, which I really liked. Due to an underbooked flight, we had free choice of seat, because I originally was booked on an aisle seat, I could change to a window seat, that was nice. Since it was a small machine from Toronto to Minneapolis (a little more than 1,5h flight), there was no entertainment system, besides the nice view out of the window. And who likes to start a movie during such a short flight, to not be able to finish it? They also ask you to hand in your carry-on before you enter the plane, because there is not enough space for it inside, which I liked, no wiggeling along the aisle with a little trolley, I just fetched it outside the plane after we landed.” Cons: “Unfortunately, Air Canada didn’t serve gluten-free snacks on any of my flights yet (I had good gluten free food though). This is not meant as a negative review, because as an allergic you’re usually prepared. It’s more a suggestion for gluten-free snacks, peanuts or m&m’s work as well as most gummy bears or chocolates :)”

Pros: “The bathrooms were clean and the dinner was pretty decent. Lots of movie selections. The crew was nice.” Cons: “The space was cramped. My flight from Toronto to Seoul was not good. I was seated right next to the bathroom and the way the seat was positioned, it stuck out next to the bathroom door. So, people were constantly walking into my seat and I could feel the air (and smell) from the bathroom every time someone opened and closed the door. It was very uncomfortable.”

Pros: “they food I did purchase was pretty good.” Cons: “no snack at all, was all food for purchase. The inflight entertainment was nothing if you didn’t have their Air Canada App.”

Pros: “We were served three meals (two full meals and a snack) and free entertainment in individual seat TVs. Cheapest flight from DC to Seoul.” Cons: “Arriving Toronto customs and immigration was so unorganized and frustrating.”

Cons: “Though not in your control, we had a two hour late start. The gate area was crowded with too little seating. It was so far from the main airport area that refreshments were hard to get. The airline did give some snacks but nothing very substantial. Our 8:30 something flight didn’t get off until after 10.”

Cons: “The boarding gate for small aircraft is very far away from the terminal. There was not enough seating for all those waiting for flights”

Pros: “Efficient boarding.” Cons: “Strong stink coming from bathroom. We were seated toward he back (maybe 2-3 rows from the restroom and it was strong smelling at times.”

Cons: “One of the crew member was so rude to petition. We were surprised and very unpleasant to watch her attitude and way she talked to people. So bad! And your costomer service phone lines are terrible!!!!! Never answer the phone and waiting time is over 30min! What kind of airline customer service line is this horrible?”

Pros: “The fare was low.” Cons: “The incoming flight was two hours late, but AC did not notify us to tell us of the delay.”

Pros: “Very polite crew”

Cons: “Delayed baggage took 3 days to get to my home. Flight attendant had assured me that the bag (sports equipment) made the connection which it hadn’t.”

Cons: “I feel that there should be more room between seats for people that are in the heavier side”

Pros: “Food, comfort, friendly.” Cons: “Movie choice could be better”

Pros: “Loved the premium economy seat! Would definitely fly again with Air Canada. The first meal was very good. The snack wasn’t too exciting. Skipped last meal.” Cons: “Complimentary earphones! They hurt and the sound quality was horrible. I couldn’t hear the words when I tried to watch a movie. I ended up having to borrow my kid’s kiddie headphones. I would tell anyone flying w AC to bring their own ear/headphones!”

Pros: “The flight is packed, but overall is not bad. The crew is kinda keep everything casual.”

Pros: “Everything was as expected which was wonderful. No stress makes flying more enjoyable for me. I appreciate the hard work that goes into making the flight safe and comfortable. Thank you.”

Cons: “Overly crowded in the are awaiting for flight. It was not organized well and you could tell staff was getting on edge from customers asking about boarding. The departure times should be spread out to avoid this.”

Pros: “Air Canada made a last minute change on my iteniary which resulted in an 8 hour layover in Canada. Coming off a ten hour flight from Seoul this was not appreciated.”

Pros: “Good entertainment options”


Cons: “Way too many delays and lost our baggage.”

Pros: “The attendants were generally excellent, especially the senior attendant. She was a rare combination of friendly and authoritative. One seemed a little put off that I asked for a Bloody Mary. The movie selection was excellent and varied, though the music selection was minimal. As someone who doesn’t rely on my phone for music, I thought it would have been nice to have a better selection of music. Most categories had only 4 albums from which to choose.” Cons: “(1) Left late; arrived later (2) Late arrival and security clearance caused missed connection to Washington, DC (part of the same ticket). Initially, I discussed with Air Canada ways to get to ANY of 3 DC area airports. Nothing was available for more than 19 hours. Instead of continuing to find a flight to arrive in the evening, possibly a full day late, I asked to check on a flight to Philadelphia, from where I would rent a car. (3) The flight to Philadelphia was then delayed. (4) Our bags made our original flight, so I had to file a claim when we got to Philadelphia without any bags arriving. (5) By the time the baggage claim was filed at Philadelphia and I got the rental car, it was 1 a.m. Then I drove 2 more hours to get home at 3 a.m. And today I have the pleasure of dropping off the rental car and picking up my car at the airport in DC. (6) And did I mention that there were supposed to be 2 vegetarian special meals on our flight (for my wife and daughter) and Air Canada’s system dropped this request even though they had gotten it correct on the way to Asia?”

Pros: “Nothing at all actually” Cons: “Old tiny plane, delayed two hours because of what seemed like sheer stupidity. I mean we had to wait an extra 30 mins on top of the regular delay time because they loaded the bags wrong. I had already been traveling over 24 hours due to the time zone differences and this last flight was just intolerable. Certainly it could have been worse, but this was just terrible already.”

Pros: “Overall everything was good during the whole flight.” Cons: “There is not anything that I can say that was wrong with this flight”

Pros: “Food was actually pretty good and the staff did reasonably well even though most of the customers were clearly unhappy.” Cons: “A majority of flights run by Air Canada to the US were delayed. If this had been due to weather, fine, but at least our delay was caused by mechanical malfunction. Our flight was delayed for 5 hours due to multiple different mechanical issues including that the bathroom would not function during the entire flight, the wing flap had issues and the door would not seal correctly. The flight immediately preceding ours to Minneapolis was also delayed by over 4 hours. Surprisingly the flight before that also had a bathroom malfunction that prevented customers from using the bathroom. If this was the exception we could understand, but looking at the history of our flight, it’s only on time 23% of the time. The poor customer service people must hate their lives. Something needs to change.”

Cons: “Ontime and the flight was comfortable.”

Pros: “Customer care hotline service over the phone was great! They took care of all my problems and was very nice.” Cons: “Customer service at the airport needs to improve tremendously!”

Pros: “ummmm” Cons: “Late departure Schedule changes Chaotic boarding”

Pros: “It was short, thank goodness since our flight was delayed twice.” Cons: “The small claustrophobic feel of the plane. Every time the steward pushed the cart up,the aisle he bumped into me and was kind of rude.”

Pros: “New plane (Dreamliner). Very comfortable journey. Friendly flight attendants.”

Pros: “Got me to minneapolis” Cons: “Boarded via small rickety stairs. Flight delayed over an hour.”

Pros: “The crew was great.” Cons: “There were no phone chargers and no snacks.”

Pros: “Typical flight”

Pros: “The airline tried to keep us as comfortable as possible in the airport. The crew was fantastic.” Cons: “Since we were in DC, I don’t know why it took four hours to bring in another plane, since we were so close to major cities.”

Pros: “Crew nice. Had the row to myself so room to stretch out and made me feel safer from others germs”

Cons: “Flight left 2.5 hrs late. Had to wait on tarmac 45 minutes then had to change planes and run to other end of Chicago airport. My friend was in a wheelchair so extremely inconvenient.”

Pros: “The crew was amazing. Very helpful to the best of their abilities.” Cons: “To start off with. Next time they change the gates, all passengers should get a email. Maybe an ounce it over loud speaker in airport. So we won’t miss our flight. secondly. Our flight was stuck on msp runway for 1 hour n 45 minutes before we were able to pull in to a gate to get off. No open gat”

Pros: “Flight was smooth and had great entertainment.” Cons: “Food was plane food however it was adequate.”

Pros: “Everything” Cons: “Nothing”

Cons: “Transfer from international (T5) to T1 at O’Hare is very unpleasant..Generally O’Hare is a terrible airport.”

Pros: “I thought it was awesome to see the crew assist with holding babies so parents could get a little respite on the flight.”

Pros: “Smooth landing!” Cons: “Late 30””

Cons: “1 hour late”

Pros: “I appreciated that the airline put us up in a hotel, gave us vouchers for food and bumped us to first class, however not all of us even got on this plane. My wife is on standby while my daughter and her friend go with me at 6:20 AM, my work de is scheduled for 7:45 flight. We’ll see but I’m not holding my breath.” Cons: “See above…”

Pros: “Food drinks and movies” Cons: “The seats were comfortable and the plane clean. Take off and landing smooth .”

Cons: “It was delayed due to my earlier trip but united tried to get me a connection which was atleaogood. The overall trip was 24 hours and due to all these delays my trip took 31 hours.”

Pros: “Standard, quick domestic flight home. Nothing special.”

Cons: “The flight was delayed for nearly 3 hours!!!!”

Cons: “The delay!!”

Pros: “Was clean and nice” Cons: “Everything was good”

Cons: “Need more free snacks”


Cons: “Many delays I can’t believe you’re making people pay now $25 to check Carry on bags. That makes me want to use Delta every single time”

Cons: “That no one told me about the mandatory $25 luggage fee even for a carry-on bag. Very dissatisfied.”

Pros: “2 flights today. Both delayed. Both with no free entertainment or any attempt to make up for the horrible problems. Service was non existent on the first and limited on the second.” Cons: “There is very little to like about united. Instead of taking the opportunity to offer some free comps to the passengers on either flight for the delays they just brushed it off as business as usual. Poor choice when a little hospitality goes a long way.”

Pros: “Staff was good and friendly, flight itself was good even the landing was smooth” Cons: “Sharing my economy plus seat with the guy next to me. Need wall dividers between the seats. Hate being squashed”

Pros: “Nothing” Cons: “Changing my seat… my was flight delayed to San Francisco from Chicago, I called united and nothing was ever done!! not a good experience with united!”

Pros: “I survived.” Cons: “Just before takeoff we had to abort and the crew slammed on the brakes. It was entirely frightening. We sat on the runway for a long time after that while the crew did not have clear answers for what was happening or why. Several things happened while we were on that plane that were unnerving for the passengers. So much so that at least one passenger threw up. Very scary. We did end up taking that plane on to our destination two hours later, but it was the worst flight experience of my life.”

Cons: “Great”

Cons: “It was delayed”

Pros: “Friendly crew, easy, quick boarding. I had gate checked my bag. Upon arrival, it wasn’t brought up with the others. A ground crewman said he would find it. After a few minutes he returned with my bag, thanked him profusely, he saved the day for United” Cons: “I am tall and don’t fit the curvature of the seatback plus the padding of the seat pan was too hard”

Pros: “Nothing!!!” Cons: “There was a very large couple sitting in seat to my right. I’m 6’3 250 so not small. It had a rear bathroom and I had people banging on me the whole flight!!!!!! She could have moved some people around!!!! The worst flight of my life!!!! It’s about customer service.”

Cons: “It was a 3 hr. flight. They gave us no food, just a small bag a snack mix. I asked for tomato juice to drink and I asked if I could keep the can and the flight attendant said NO, because someone else may want tomato juice. UNITED is out on my list of airlines,”

Cons: “See above.”

Pros: “Nice new plane” Cons: “We were not seated together and had to pay 84 dollars to get preferred seating together and this was booked 2 mos ago???”

Cons: “N/A”

Pros: “Liked the leg room. Flights were on time” Cons: “Glass of soda with more ice than soda kinda sucked.”

Pros: “Same as above” Cons: “Same as above”

Pros: “Same as above” Cons: “Same as above”

Pros: “Nothing. This whole flight was absolutely terrible.” Cons: “There was no USB port to charge your phone. No personal screens on back of chairs. The flight attendants were the worst crew I’ve ever met… They didn’t even speak the language when 95% of the passengers were Korean. Then they would get frustrated that they couldn’t understand. I also hit my call button three times to ask for a pen to fill out customs sheet, but no one came after waiting 30 min. I assumed they were busy, so I got up and walked. But nope, they were all just hanging out in their area chatting and drinking. Ive never written a bad review, but in this case I almost even said something on my way out of the plane because it was just that bad!”

Pros: “Nothing.” Cons: “Departure time changed at least six times. Gate and plane were both unbearably cold – passengers were all complaining. Departure gate at EWR was gross, run-down, and did not have working outlets.”

Pros: “This flight was very relaxing as it could be. I do not like to fly but the crew made it very easy to relax and get comfortable.”

Pros: “This was a nonstop flight with Air Canada, in cooperation with United Airlines” Cons: “A small plane, crowded and full, for a non stop, international flight. Obviously, United prefers to use the larger, more comfortable planes for flights through their hub in Chicago- which is always a hot mess!”

Cons: “I didn’t get what I paid for and the person next to me got more than they paid for. I expect a refund.”

Pros: “The landing was not good as we had turbulance. Other than that, everything was good.”

Pros: “Economy plus was worth the extra $25.”

Cons: “One of the crew members was very mean towards some people I was sitting near. They were older and didn’t realize that once we pushed off you had to remain in your seat and she came and told them they were breaking the law and would be arrested for standing up, in such a nasty tone they didn’t say another word the whole flight. When we were offered something to drink they declined. I jumped out of my seat realized I forgot to ask where the bags were placed that were collected on the jet bridge and went back to ask if they were in baggage claim or not and she yelled at me for turning around and told me she could not speak me because I had exited the plane already.”

Pros: “Direct flight” Cons: “Very late”

Pros: “Newer plane. Very nice staff” Cons: “Floor around seat was dirty. Lot of exaggerated braking. Suggested a new pilot perhaps?”

Pros: “The price was great” Cons: “The inability to choose a seat without paying a premium price left me in the last row without a reclining seat. I’m 6’3″ and those seats should be considered torture”

ICN to MSP : Seoul to Minneapolis Flights 2022

Interesting Facts About Flights from Seoul to Minneapolis (ICN to MSP)

What airlines fly direct from ICN airport to MSP airport? American Airlines – (AA) with 30 direct flights between Seoul and Minneapolis monthly

Delta Air Lines – (DL) with 90 direct flights between ICN and MSP monthly

China Eastern Airlines – (MU) with 30 direct flights between Seoul and Minneapolis monthly

Korean Air – (KE) with 210 direct flights between ICN and MSP monthly Each month there are several airlines that offer direct flights from Seoul (ICN) to Minneapolis (MSP). Among the top airlines that consistently provide ICN to MSP flights include:

How long does it take to fly from ICN to MSP? The total flight duration time from Seoul (ICN) to Minneapolis (MSP) is typically 21 hours 26 minutes. This is the average non-stop flight time based upon historical flights for this route. During this period travelers can expect to fly about 8,090 miles, or 13,020 kilometers.

How many flights are there from ICN to MSP per day? With 4 different airlines operating flights between Seoul and Minneapolis, there are, on average, 360 flights per month. This equates to about 84 flights per week, and 12 flights per day from ICN to MSP.

How many morning flights are there from ICN to MSP? Delta Air Lines – (DL) has about 2 flights before noon, starting with the earliest at 09:20AM PST and the latest 10:00AM PST

Korean Air – (KE) lists, on average, 4 flights departing before 12:00pm, where the first departure from ICN is at 09:20AM and the last departure before noon is at 10:00AM

How many afternoon flights are available from Seoul to Minneapolis? There are about 1 American Airlines flights between 12pm PST and 6pm PST, beginning at 05:25PM PST and the last afternoon flight at 05:25PM PST.

Between 12pm PST and 6pm there are, on average, 1 direct flights provided by Delta Air Lines, where the earliest departing flight is at 01:50PM PST and the last departing flight is at 04:40PM PST.

Between 12pm PST and 6pm there are, on average, 1 direct flights provided by China Eastern Airlines, where the earliest departing flight is at 01:55PM PST and the last departing flight is at 02:05PM PST.

Between 12pm PST and 6pm there are, on average, 2 direct flights provided by Korean Air, where the earliest departing flight is at 01:50PM PST and the last departing flight is at 05:25PM PST.

How many evening flights are currently on sale from Incheon International Airport to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport? Korean Air – (KE) with about 1 end of day scheduled flights between ICN and MSP from 6:00pm to 11:00pm.

Delta Air Lines – (DL) lists 1 direct nighttime flights on average from Seoul to Minneapolis.

What is the flight distance from Seoul to Minneapolis? The calculated straight line flying distance from ICN airport to MSP airport is 8,090 miles, or 13,020 kilometers.

What is the earliest departure time out of Seoul to Minneapolis? The earliest flight departs from ICN at 09:20AM and arrives at 02:09PM at MSP.

Flights from Seoul to Minneapolis: ICN to MSP Flights + Flight Schedule

Direct flights from Seoul to Minneapolis Did you mean flights from Minneapolis to Seoul?

Seoul South Korea ICN Incheon International Airport Switch direction Minneapolis United States MSP Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (Wold-Cham Check Prices Or compare the best Hotels in Minneapolis

Flight schedule su mo tu we th fr sa Click to show full flight schedule Distance 6,229 miles · (10,025 km) Flight time 11 hours and 55 minutes Airlines Alliances OneWorld


Star Alliance Classes Economy

Premium Economy

Business Class

First Class Aircrafts Airbus A330-900neo

Airbus A350-900

Seoul to Minneapolis Flight Schedule Scan through all non-stop flights from Seoul to Minneapolis. The full flight schedule below gives an overview of all non-stop flights from ICN to MSP, which includes the daily timetable of every operating airline for the upcoming 12 months. First ICN-MSP flights start in October Note: for airline-specific flight schedules, please scroll further down. Return schedule

Airlines flying from Seoul to Minneapolis Airline-specific flight schedules from Seoul to Minneapolis Currently, there is only one airline operating non-stop flights from Seoul ICN to Minneapolis MSP, which is Delta. This section gives an overview of the flight schedules and timetables of every airline with direct flights for this route. Click an airline below to view their ICN MSP flight schedule.

from Seoul to Minneapolis Delta is a member of SkyTeam Delta flights start in October Return schedule

Seoul to Minneapolis Flights Flights from ICN to MSP are operated 3 times a week, with an average of 1 flight per day. Departure times vary between 19:25 – 19:40. The earliest flight departs at 19:25, the last flight departs at 19:40. However, this depends on the date you are flying so please check with the full flight schedule above to see which departure times are available on your preferred date(s) of travel. You can fly in Economy, Business Class and First Class. Premium Economy is not available on this route (at least not as a non-stop flight). The fastest direct flight from Seoul to Minneapolis takes 11 hours and 55 minutes. The flight distance between Seoul and Minneapolis is 6,229 miles (or 10,025 km).

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University of Minnesota The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (often referred to as The University of Minnesota, Minnesota, the U of M, UMN, or simply the U) is a public research university in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses are approximately 3 mi apart, and the Saint Paul campus is actually in neighboring Falcon Heights. It is the oldest and largest campus within the University of Minnesota system and has the sixth-largest main campus student body in the United States, with 51,147 students in 2013–14. The university is the flagship institution of the University of Minnesota system, and is organized into 19 colleges and schools, with sister campuses in Crookston, Duluth, Morris, and Rochester.

TCF Bank Stadium TCF Bank Stadium is an outdoor stadium located on the campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Opened in 2009, it is the home field of the Minnesota Golden Gophers of the Big Ten Conference, and the temporary home of Minnesota United FC of Major League Soccer. The stadium also served as the temporary home of the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL) for the 2014 and 2015 seasons during the construction of U.S. Bank Stadium. The 50,805-seat “horseshoe” style stadium cost $303.3 million to build and is designed to support future expansion to seat up to 80,000.

Guthrie Theater The Guthrie Theater, founded in 1963, is a center for theater performance, production, education, and professional training in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The concept of the theater was born in 1959 in a series of discussions between Sir Tyrone Guthrie, Oliver Rea and Peter Zeisler. Disenchanted with Broadway, they intended to form a theater with a resident acting company, to perform classic plays in rotating repertory, while maintaining the highest professional standards.

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사람들이 주제에 대해 자주 검색하는 키워드 Delta Airlines A350 Economy MSP to ICN

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주제에 대한 기사를 시청해 주셔서 감사합니다 Delta Airlines A350 Economy MSP to ICN | incheon to minneapolis flight, 이 기사가 유용하다고 생각되면 공유하십시오, 매우 감사합니다.